JR&A Results

Here are some of the reasons why we deliver results:

  • Our average FTE recruiting cycle for from assignment to accepted offer is less than 42 days.
  • Our recruiting approach is surgical and we use an attraction based presentation exclusively for your position. So most all candidates we present to you are looking only at your opportunity.
  • We have found from experience, that the best FTE career moves are made by candidates who are currently employed and become aware of an opportunity through a friend of a friend and most of these  type “A” players are invisible to ads on job boards.
  • So you can consider us a professional friend of a friend with an attraction based presentation for your position……..who will make as many as 100 or more contacts on your behalf to passive candidates. We do not use job boards and very rarely ever run ads.
  • If after doing our due diligence with a candidate and we find that they don’t meet at least 85%-90% of the criteria you are seeking, they will not land in your inbox.
  • Our candidates must be willing to come to work for you within your salary range or hourly rate (for contractors) and have at least one reason other than salary for being interested in your position.
  • Our focus is on total fit – as a result over 82 % of the people we placed 4 years ago, are still with the same clients we placed them with and many have been promoted and some more than once.
  • We are a National firm who is part of a major network of other talent acquisition firms and have been a solution and resource to many.
  • Over 78% of our candidates that we submit to a client get interviewed and once we establish a relationship with a client, it’s much higher than that.
  • Because of our process that starts at the beginning of the recruiting cycle not at the end, we have almost a 100% candidate acceptance rate.   We continue to monitor for changes in the candidates attitude toward moving forward and the potential of counteroffers throughout the entire process.