This is what our clients and candidates are saying about us


“J. Rodgers & Associates is a great firm who prides itself on providing complete, accurate prospective employee backgrounds for his clients and goes the extra mile to make sure that the “fit” will work for his client and the candidate. I’ve had the pleasure of hiring more than one of J. Rodgers & Associates candidates and can report successful results and long term employment. They are excellent at listening and they know their industries well. I would recommend J. Rodgers & Associates  to any corporate client looking to source or to any individual in the print industry looking for a new job.” October 21, 2013
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
JD-National Sales Manager

“J. Rodgers & Associates (by far) is the best recruiting firm I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Their integrity sets them apart and streamlines the hiring process by presenting only highly qualified candidates.”

Director of National Accounts – hiring authority

“I regard J. Rodgers & Associates , not just as a staffing firm, but as a business partner in my business. They are concerned with our long term success.”
Regional Manager – hiring authority

“J. Rodgers & Associates strength is finding the right person for the right job.”
President, hiring authority

“Excellent listening and communication skills, excellent follow-up. I would use J. Rodgers & Associates at any time. They are the best recruiting firm I have ever used.”
District Manager – Hiring Authority

“The candidates we see from this firm are quality candidate, professional people. If J. Rodgers & Associates does not believe the candidate and the job opportunity are a good fit, they do not hesitate to stop the process.”
General Sales Manager – Hiring Authority

“J. Rodgers & Associates made me feel as if I was the only person they were working with. I was out on interviews within a week of calling them.”
Business Development Manager – Candidate

“J. Rodgers & Associates matched my background and interest to the best fit possible. If I could have created this contract position from scratch, I wouldn’t make any changes. A perfect fit.”
Engineer – Candidate